The ZPM amplifies the coagulation and flocculation reactions for the conversion and precipitation of dissolved components into small particles. The cavitation reactions provide the perfect mixing and turbulent environment necessary for coagulation.

The ZPM neutralises the electrical charge (Zeta Potential) on dissolved chemicals and small particles to make some positively and some negatively charged. The opposite charges attract and this causes coagulation and flocculation. As the electrical potential drops to neutral, the redox oxidation potential of the water increases by up to 100 mV, effectively the water is beginning to disinfect itself without any chemicals.

Benefits at a glance:

Injection point of coagulants and flocculants: The ZPM amplifies coagulation and flocculation reactions and improves the filtration performance.
Small investment – big increase in performance for a lifetime: The ZPM needs no power and has no operating costs.
Safety barrier against pathogens: The ZPM after the filter mechanically smashes cryptosporidium oocysts, bacteria floc and even single bacteria. The water is mechanically disinfected and the performance of chlorine is amplified.