Sustainable and healthy water treatment for fish and sea mammals
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AFM®: Activated Filter Media

AFM® Activated Filter Media is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters. AFM® is self-sterilizing and bio-resistant and does not need to be recharged or replaced


ACO®: Active Catalytic Oxidiser

ACO® is an Active Catalytic Oxidiser that works by using the energy of the sun or UV light to catalyse the formation of free radicals to disinfect pool water.


AFM®: Independent performance test results, July 2014*

AFM® 1 will remove more than 95 % of all particles in the water down to 4 microns. The best a very high quality sand or other glassand can achieve is 20 microns at an efficiency of 95 %.

Case study - Treatment of marine hatchery water to eliminate NoroVirus

Marine fish hatcheries are susceptible to the introduction parasites, bacterium and viri and can impact on the profitability and viability of a fish farm installation.

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