Dryden Aqua has recently completed an incoming water filtration installation for large shrimp hatchery on behalf of Viet-Uc in Vietnam. Viet-Uc is Vietnam’s largest shrimp farming company with 15 farms covering 1,200 hectares and more than 25% of the Vietnam shrimp market. Dryden Aqua’s filtration installation treats turbid incoming seawater as well as borehole sourced freshwater and brine. Water is filtered to ensure protection from bacteria, viruses and 0.7 micron microsporidian oocysts. The fully automated system then mixes the filtered water to deliver to hatchery tanks at controlled salinity.

DA is also working with Viet-Uc to reduce water consumption and improve production in its shrimp ongrowing farms. A radical new tank design and Dryden Aqua’s diffusers have so far delivered increased growth rate, increased production and a 90% reduction in water consumption. Viet-Uc is continuing to refine its operational protocols to gain maximum advantage from the new design and is planning a 10 fold expansion of its ongrowing facilities in the coming year.

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