Removes Biofilm & Pathogens

What is DryOx?

DryOx removes biofilm easily and economically. DryOx soluted in water will produce chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a soluble gas with the advantage that it penetrates through the biofilm and removes it. Chlorine can‘t do that because chlorine must oxidize through the biofilm first. DryOx is about 100 times more effective in the removal of biofilm than chlorine.
Without biofilm, chlorine consumption and the production of harmful disinfection by-products like trichloramine - responsible for the chlorine smell in the air – will decrease. Biofilm is also the habitat for dangerous pathogens such as Legionella.

Your Advantages

  • Removes biofilm and pathogens in hard to reach places like filters, balance tanks and pipe work in pools and spas
  • Reduces chlorine consumption, combined chlorine and chlorine smell
  • Is easy to use and very economical


  • For private and public swimming pools and spas
  • For portable whirlpools and hot tubs
  • For cleaning of sand and active carbon filters
  • For cleaning of hard to reach places like pipe work, channel system and balance tanks
  • For cleaning of pool toys, like pool noodles
  • For cleaning of pool areas, like showers, floor and wall

How to use DryOx?

In swimming pools:

DryOx is the ideal product to remove biofilm from  hard to reach places - fast and efficiently.
No biofilm means:

  • less consumption of chlorine and less chlorine smell
  • no danger of pathogens such as Legionella


DryOx can be used periodically for the prophylaxis as well as to treat accute problems like feces accident, Legionella in the systems or heavy chlorine smell. It is put easily in the balance tank or the skimmer.

In portable whirlpools and hot tubs:

With their combination of weak filtration, heavy bather load and high temperatures, whirlpools and hot tubs offer ideal breeding conditions for bacteria.
Parts of biofilm washed into the pools are not just unaesthetic but they are a real risk to the bathers health and safety.


To remove the biofilm in the complete system you should do a treatment every 3 months. Add the tablet, let the system run for an hour, dump and refill the water. Your system is now free of biofilm and bacteria.

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