AFM® Activated Filter Media is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters. AFM® is self-sterilizing and bio-resistant and does not need to be recharged or replaced.

ACO® is a photo catalyst and chlorine stabilizer that works by using the energy of the sun to catalyse the formation of free radicals to clean pool water without any harmful by-products.

APF®  is a multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant that removes dissolved pollutants and flocculates fine suspended solids, such as skin cells and bacteria, into large particles that are easily removed by AFM®.

Swimming in drinking water!
Disinfection with Advanced Oxidation (Free Radicals) and intelligent pool controller in one.

ZPM by Dryden Aqua stands for «Zeta Potential Mixer». ZPM‘s are static mixers for the injection of products such as APF®, ACO®, NoPhos or other chemicals and for the cavitation of water. 

NoPhos removes phosphates that enter the pool from water supply, bathers and from debris blown into the pool.

DryOx dissolved in water generates chlorine dioxide that removes biofilm easily and economically. DryOx reduces the risk of legionella and lowers chlorine consumption.