Case Study: Samyang

Project ID:

Company: Samyang
Location: South Korea
Year: 2012
Description: River water filtration to Cooling water makeup
Goal: Turbidity, suspended solids and organic matter reduction
Capacity: 180 m3/hour 3 towers
Water Source: Surface water

The Problems:

  • Shortage of good make up water source availability.
  • River water contained organic colloidal matter
  • Cooling towers were treated with highconcentration of biocides to minimize biologicalfouling
  • Cooling towers were treated with high concentrationof chlorine to minimize bacteria count.
Items Existing Values Required Value
Turbidity (NTU) <10 <5
Ammonia -N, (PPM) <3 -
Bacteria Count (CFU/ml) >10,000 <1,000
Suspended Solids (PPM) <15 <2
CODT (PPM) <30 -

Technical Solution:

  • River water was filtered with AFM® type 1 and type 0, and then transferred as make up water to all 3 cooling towers.
  • Consequently, biocide and chlorine dosing level was significantly reduced in all cooling towers.
  • Colloidal and suspended matter levels were reduced by more than an order of magnitude, to significantly below allowed values.

Side photos:



Items Required Value Before treatment After treatment
Turbidity (NTU) <5 <10 <0.5
Ammonia-N, (PPM) - <3 <1
Bacteria Count (CFU/ml) <1,000 >10,000 <100
Suspended Solids (PPM) <2 <15 <0.2
CODT (PPM) - <30 <1

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