Activated Filter Media

What is AFM®?

AFM® is an inert, amorphous aluminosilicate (glass) manufactured by up-cycling post-consumer green and brown glass bottles.

AFM®Activated Filter Media is verified to at least double the performance of sand filters without the need for additional investments in infrastructure. AFM® is used for swimming pools, aquaria and aquaculture as well as water treatment applications - for treatment of various sources of water such as ground water, surface water, seawater and waste water.

Two different types of AFM® are produced in our factories: AFM®s (standard) and AFM®ng (next generation).

Both products are exposed to a unique 3-step activation process to become self-sterilising and to acquire superior filtration properties. During the activation, the structure and the chemistry of the glass is modified.

1 Self-sterilising surface

Does not support bacterial growth, eliminates clumping, channeling and passage of unfiltered water.

Reduces backwash water up to 50% providing a quick ROI, usually within 2 years.

Improves and provides predictable, repeatable and consistent nominal filtration performance up to 98% and a life cycle >10 years

2 Increased surface area

High surface area with superior mechanical filtration properties for adsorption of fine particles.

Precise, consistent particle size distribution, shape, sphericity and uniformity coefficient for outstanding hydraulic properties.

High activated surface area amplifies catalytic reaction, generating free radicals to avoid biofouling on media surface.

3 Advanced adsorption properties


Hydrophobic, neutrally charged surface

Superior mechanical filtration performance , combined with efficient removal of hydrophobic contaminants such as hydrocarbons (oil & fats) organics and microplastics in both hard and soft water.

Best filtration performance & organics removal


High negative surface charge

Robust and stable, high filtration performance media with a 20 year track record. Best suited for the removal of positively charged particles such as heavy metals (e.g. Iron, Manganese and Arsenic).

Best for heavy metals removal

Dryden Aqua has developed AFM® ng to remove organics and mi- croplastics from the water. Any non polar chemical will be more dif- ficult to dissolve into water and it will tend to float like oil, or be ad- sorbed on to a non polar hydrophobic surface.

Organic matters are the precursor for the formation of Trihalometh- anes (THMs), including chloroform. Thanks to its large hydrophobic area and highly mesopourous structure, AFM® ng can filter much finer particles and approximately 50% more organic substances than sand. High filtration performance means less disinfectants are used, result- ing in healthier water and better air quality at lower costs

2019 IFTS Test results : A certified 1 micron filtration rate without flocculation

AFM®ng: Filters 95% of all particles down to 1 micron.
AFM® : Filters 95% of all particles down to 4 microns.
Sand: Filters 95% of all particles down to 20 microns.
Glassand: Filters 95% of all particles >25 microns.

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