Stenner Pumps®

Premium quality dosing pumps made in the USA since 1957!

Discover Stenner, manufacturer of peristaltic pumps since 1957

stenner pump

Manually adjustable flow rate with potentiometer (0% - 100%)

Pompe Stenner Floc-Dos
For coagulants & flocculants

Pompe Stenner ECON VS
For For pH, Chlorine and ACO ®.

Robust design with fully enclosed polycarbonate housing

Reliable, accurate and repeatable injection
Stenner pumps are self-priming and offer a constant reproducibility of flow.

Practical design
The solution does not come into contact with moving parts.

Pump head roller - 3 rollers
Designed to prevent siphoning, overdosing and loss of priming.


Solid one-piece tube construction
The tube fitting is overmoulded to the tube material for a stronger connection.

Can run dry without damage and self-prime when refilled

How to replace the tube in Stenner pumps


Patented system for tool-free tube replacement

  1. Disconnect the pump. Remove the locking screw and unlock the head.
  2. Slide the cover up to remove it.
  3. Remove the old dosing tube.
  4. Place the new dosing tube.
  5. Replace the cover and run the pump for 1 minute.
  6. Lock the head and replace the locking screw.

How to maximise the life of your pump tube

Practical information : APF® coagulant & flocculant dosage

APF® Coagulation & flocculation

Use the Stenner Floc-Dos pump to obtain a constant low flow rate and inject 0.5 to 1 ml of APF® / m3 of filtered water directly or just before the filter pump

Filter flow rate: 20 m3/h APF® dosage: 10 to 20 ml/h

For an efficient coagulation & flocculation, make sure to maintain a neutral pH and an alkalinity > 80 ppm. The addition of a ZPM between the pump and the filter can amplify the reaction and serve as an injection point.

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