Key Applications

Pre-treatment prior to membranes

Fouling of membranes for RO and ultra-filtration is a major cost. AFM® reduces fouling because it does not contain free silica to prevent silicate blockage. Sand filters are biofilters and constantly discharge bacteria into the product water to foul the membranes. AFM® resists biofouling and does not become a biofilter.

Removal of arsenic, ferric and manganese

AFM® will remove many heavy metals from the water, and is particularly effective for arsenic and ferric. Contaminated water is usually ground water which must be strongly aerated for a period of at least 30 minutes prior to filtration.  If arsenic needs to be removed additional ferric may be added to achieve a ratio of 10:1 (ferric:arsenic) to facilitate oxidation and co-precipitation.

Removal of chromium

Chromium is occasionally found in ground water in trace amount from 1 to 10 ug/l however the occurrence of chromium is usually associated with pollution from industries such a leather tanning, wood preservation and textiles. Polluted ground water may have much higher concentrations.

Tertiary treatment of effluent

AFM® replaces sand in tertiary treatment filters without the need for any modifications. AFM® will not biofoul and will more than double the performance of the treatment system, offering a sustainable, low cost and high performance alternative to sand.

Cooling tower side-stream filtration

Water treatment is essential for cooling tower recycled water to control pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella and to maximize heat transfer.

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